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The experiment

The Information-centric approach for Web of Sensors Applications action aims at contributing to the SmartSantander project by extending the testbed facilities; in particular, the objectives of the experiment consist in exposing and handling a subset of SmartSantander sensors, allowing users to browse them, their descriptive information, functional capabilities (almost static information) and measurements (dynamic information) as well.

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SmartSantander proposes a unique in the world city-scale experimental research facility in support of typical applications and services for a smart city. The project envisions the deployment of 20,000 sensors in Belgrade, Guildford, Lübeck and Santander (12,000), exploiting a large variety of technologies.

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InterDataNet (IDN) is a middleware that offers capabilities for representing and managing information units and their structural and semantic relations as Web-addressable resources; it is developed since 2008 by the research team of CNIT-University of Firenze. In IDN information is organized as a directed graph (called IDN-IM) that leverages Web standard specifications (e.g., URI, HTTP) and the architectural guidelines based on REST.

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